Design for Aesthetics. I am an ardent defender of the tactile. I am unequivocally drawn to paper and the magic it can bestow. Be they the pages of a journal, the beginnings of a greeting card, or the canvas for a pen, the tactility and originality of paper craft is just darn wonderful. Paper is my happy medium and I derive endless pleasure in designing, crafting and gifting paper creations. Currently, I create one-of-a-kind handmade cards, as well as visualize concepts through simple pen illustrations. The photos here are a mere sampling of many.

Illustration & Paper Craft

Taking notes is the best way for me to absorb information. Since starting design school, I've emphasized visual note-taking as well. Photographed here are a few samples of my pen illustration.

Paper is my favorite medium and I derive endless pleasure in designing, crafting and gifting paper creations. I create one-of-a-kind handmade cards for birthdays, feel betters, congrats, howdys, and any holiday that has a color theme or potential for a witty pun. You don't have to go big to have impact – I believe that it's in nuance and small touches that design can strike a most personal cord. 



Silkscreens created in spring 2013 at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles

I’m attracted to the screenprint not only because of its impactful color aesthetic, but because each print is unique and indicative of the technique of the designer. These prints demonstrate my foray into screenprinting. Central to my work is the subject of cities. Inspired by the comparative illustrations of Paris and New York by Vahram Muratyan, I compare similar icons and landmarks of Los Angeles and Paris.


Mixed Media

2006-Present (mostly from the International Baccalaureate art course)

Fine art continues to be a wonderful respite for me and an opportunity to explore aesthetics. Much of the art is personal in nature, be it my self portrait made out of 3,080 pushpins or the folded-in-half painting of myself to highlight my six foot height. Travel also inspires my creations: a paper collage from a scene I captured in a Cambodian rice paddy, a live drawing course in Paris, and hiking the ancient Roman Hadrian's Wall in the north of England.