They said yes!

I went back to the newly opened cafe to ask if I could host a Valentine's Day card-making party in their space, for free. The two owners readily agreed! They've responded positively to everything I proposed and I'm getting jazzed for the Thursday, Feb 11 event.


  • 5-8pm on a Thursday
  • Promotion through a poster in the window, hand-drawn text on a sandwich board, and photos of Valentine's for social media
  • Myself and a friend made more than a dozen samples. In doing so, we were reminded how important it is to have examples for people to reference. Facing a pile of blank paper is daunting. Now attendees can be inspired. I will also ensure that many of the supplies are pre-cut to avoid any confusion, frustration or paper waste.
  • Prepare questions and conversation starters for attendees


  • The shared activity of making cards will break down social barriers between people and give permission for engagement and conversation that otherwise would never have occurred.


  • Test hypothesis
  • Chat with neighbors and get a feel for what they are looking for in a community and their reaction to social capital (I probably won't use that word to describe my research)
  • Enjoy a fun craft session
  • Photograph and record
  • Develop a solid relationship with the cafe, with the hope for continued partnership down the road