Library Momentum!

There's been continued buzz and energy about the tiny library! Passersby keep stopping and chatting and making conversation. Already, I'm running into people I recognize in other spots in the neighborhood. Seeing the response on Willoughby General's social media demonstrates that neighbors care about this installation. 

The build out is not yet complete though. After buying (and walking two avenues) with a 4x4, Rae drove me to a friend's house to construct the post and planter. We were very efficient with our time and already I could feel that my confidence working with wood, screws and general spatial sizing is improving. Equally uplifting is how friends in the neighborhood are stepping up to help – Rae with the car and Carlos with the saw. 

The final installation happened only six days after the construction began. How's that for a turnaround!

The enthusiasm from social media continues to fuel me too!